Friday, March 16, 2018

Mobile Legends Theme Score for Flute

This is a score transcribe for Android/iOs MOBA games : Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The game had grown very popular in my region (South East Asia) but their online resources for music soundtracks are very limited. This is my own transcription which include my own interpretation especially in the middle part. The music itself is best for brass instrument though.

See the score here :

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Music Soundtrack Theme Score Notation
the property (C) by Moonton company Shanghai

See the video for this transcribed:

Ini adalah transkip notasi score untuk musik di game Mobile Legends.

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Age of Empires Main Theme Flute Score

Here a flute and piano score for favorite RTS (real time strategy) games, Age of Empires series. The original music composed by Stephen Rippy and Age of Empires is produced by Ensemble Studio.

The main theme is simple yet memorable. On every version starting from Age of Empires 2, the composer re-arranged the "variation" theme. So, in this arrangement, all version from AoE 2, AoE 2 The Conquerors, AoE 3, AoE 3 The Warchiefs and AoE 3 The Asian Dynasties are put into one long medley.


Please give me feedback if you playing this in comment sections.

Flute and Piano accompaniment for Age of Empires Main Theme all variation

Age of Empires III main theme for flute score

Flute and Piano accompaniment for Age of Empires Main Theme all variation

Flute and Piano accompaniment for Age of Empires Main Theme all variation

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ragan Whiteside - "Treblemaker" (2017)

Ragan Whiteside - "Treblemaker" (2017)
album review by

Another flute jazz album comes to us this month. Ragan Whiteside from Atlanta, GA, released her fourth album "Treblemaker" on May 2017. Treblemaker is a full length smooth jazz album featuring Ragan takes on the flute, Pretty much similar to her contemporary Althea Rene, Ragan Whiteside brings out a lot of smooth jazz, funk and R&B in the album.

Right from the first song "Corey's Bob" we heard a strong R&B beat wrapped with funky guitar and piano. The flute melody flows smoothly, playing simple passage and then improved it creatively. "Early Arrival" started with legatolized guitar licks, the guitar then accompanied the whole song with excellent rhythm while Ragan having her fun times with featuring saxophonist Kim Waters. "By the Moonlight" sounds slightly Latin feel, the addition of melodic percussion (vibra / marimba?) gives a new dimension to the album. The whole percussion feel comes more strongly in next song "The Sun Came Up". In "Let's Do This", Ragan teamed up with trumpeters Tom Browne to play this cheerful tunes. "I Never Told You" is the only vocal track in the album. "Flute Funk" is another energetic flute exploration that going to pleased any flute lovers. The guest artist is Frank MC Comb, a productive jazz producer and pianist. Thus we arrived in the last three songs of the album. "Love Song" is a romantic flute and saxophone duet, with artist Marion Meadows. "Mystic Vibration" is a return to up tempo R&B beat. Lastly, "See You at the Get Down" is final jamming session with maestro Bob Baldwin and their band. We got to heard the full team of brass "attacking" the flutist. The best tunes in the album indeed.

Treblemaker is full of fantastic smooth jazz grooves. Enjoy the fluidity of flute melody accompanied by excellent jazz musicians. Ragan Whiteside has delivered another breathtaking album to expand her rich discography with "Treblemaker". Grab this one fast.

Ragan Whiteside - "Treblemaker" (2017)

01. Intro
02. Corey's Bop
03. Early Arrival (feat Kim Waters)
04. By the Moonlight
05. The Sun Came Up
06. Let's Do This (feat. Tom Browne)
07. I Never Told You
08. Flute Funk (Feat. Frank MC Comb)
09. Love Song (feat. Marion Meadows)
10. Mystic Vibration
11. See You at the Get Down (feat. Bob Baldwin & the Pr Experience)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Althea Rene - Unstoppable (2017)

Unstoppable. Detroit based jazz flutiest, Althea Rene, launched her latest studio album this April 2017. The album "Unstoppable". is her sixth studio album. As we have heard before in Althea's previous works, the album consisted of flute as soloist in smooth jazz. According to my quick listening, Unstoppable is rather more serious in vibes than to its predecessors. There are not many "sweet" tunes but now the band plays something more technical, with many other instruments joined the spot of solos.

The first track is "Unstoppable", the song build up slowly before the flute takes the storm with virtuoso. The keys having some good times doing duel solos in the interlude. "Gypsy Soul" is the single. Also played in slightly upbeat tempo, Gypsy Soul offered a simple themes that a natural to flute. "Now & Forever" is a mellow song, got some most beautiful flute melody in there.Most of the them the keys is a strong companion in the song, as in "What Cha Gonna Do with My Lovin'". In which the guitar also joined the party. Many interesting song in the middle and end section. "I-75" introduced us to sax as partner in solo. The last song "Another Star" brings us back to Latin feel which we have experiences in Althea's works. This is also the only song with featured female vocalist.

In short, this is a strong album to introduced a friend to flute jazz. Althea performances is absolutely breathtaking, tunes coming out fast and smooth. The recording also mixed well, captured the best from the band. Order your copy now.


 Althea Rene - Unstoppable (2017)
1. Unstoppable 3:34
2. Gypsy Soul 3:42
3. Now & Forever 4:17
4. What Cha Gonna Do with My Lovin' 4:10
5. Rain 3:32
6. Changing Lanes 4:06
7. My Summer Love 4:16
8. I-75 4:47
9. When I See You 4:21
10. Another Star 7:21

album review "Unstoppable" Althea Rene - Detroit Female Flute Jazz

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Tchaikovsky - Sleeping Beauty Act 1-6 Waltz Arranged for Flute and Piano Duet - Free Score

Here my arrangement of Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty Act 1 - 6. Waltz for Flute and Piano duet. I arrange it for beginner and intermediate flute student. The piece had been cut into short version, I omitted some repetition in there. The piano also re-arranged so it's a little bit easier. The challenge for the flute player is the down roll notes in the "ref-1". Piano is quite challenging in the intro section, kind of a solo piano to open a piece.

It's been performed in this video :

Here the score :

Sleeping Beauty Act I - 6. Waltz by Tchaikovsky
version for flute and piano duet by

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ferdinand Ries - Flute Quartets Vol.1 Ardinghello Ensemble

Ferdinand Ries (1784-1838)
Flute Quartets Vol.1
Ardinghello Ensemble

Ferdinand Ries' chamber musics are on revival. His string quartets are well recorded. For Flute Quartets, we actually already have a full set of them. However, Ardinghello Ensemble put in another two flute quartets for our listening pleasure. This CD contained two flute quartets, in D minor and C Major, and also a string trio. We got to know more about Ferdinand Ries, who very closed associated to Beethoven as he was the pupil of the maestro.

Here are some review taken from internet :

If the number of compositions written for a specific instrument is any indication of a predilection, then Ferdinand Ries did indeed have a soft place in his heart for the flute. He penned no fewer than six quartets for flute and string trio, a quintet for flute, violin, two violas, and violoncello, a trio for piano, flute, and violoncello, and many works for flute and piano (sonatas, fantasies, a divertimento, and a notturno) – more works than for any other wind instrument. His first Flute Quartet presents itself as a grand, imposing quartet in the affirmative key of C major and contains many surprising elements. Here too, as already in his symphonies and string quartets, Ries proves to be an entirely independent and original composer – despite his close association with Beethoven. The Ardinghello Ensemble adheres undogmatically to historically informed performance practice. Karl Kaiser plays transverse flutes from the early nineteenth century. The string players perform on instruments with stringing and bows from around 1820.

Ardinghello Ensemble

Ferdinand Ries penned no fewer than six quartets for flute and string trio, a quintet for flute, violin, two violas, and violoncello, a trio for piano, flute, and violoncello – more works than for any other wind instrument. As in his symphonies and string quartets, Ries proves himself to be an entirely independent and original composer. The Ardinghello Ensemble adheres to historical performance practice, with Karl Kaiser playing transverse flutes from the early nineteenth century and the string players on instruments with stringing and bows from around 1820.

And the video sample of Ardinghello Ensemble playing Ferdinand Ries Flute Quartet :

Paisiello Six Flute Quartets Op.23 - Ensemble Il Demetrio

Giovanni Paisiello (1740-1816)
Six Flute Quartets Op.23
Brilliant Classics

Giovanni Paisiello is one of Italian Neopolitan of School composer. He composed several chamber music as in string quartets and flute quartets. These flute quartets from Opus 23 actually had been recorded many years ago. Ensemble Il Demetria from Pavia Italy is the one that brings us the new record. Here the CD notes:

Giovanni Paisiello (1740-1816) is one of the key composers of the Neapolitan School, primarily famous for his vast amount of operas written when in the service of Ferdinand IV of Naples.

Paisiello’s instrumental output is also substantial, and it was written for the ever growing bourgeoisie, for domestic use by advanced amateurs. His 6 Flute Quartets are delightful works, full of charming, sunny melodies and sparkling virtuosity, in the true tradition of the Neapolitan School, as comparable with Cimarosa and Guglielmi.

The Italian ensemble Il Demetrio specialises in Baroque and Early Classical music, playing on authentic instruments.

Ensemble Il Demetrio:
Gabriele Formenti (flute), Elisa Bestetti (violin), Maurizio Schiavo (viola) & Antonio Papetti (cello)

Paisiello Six Flute Quartets Op.23 - Ensemble Il Demetrio

Flute Quartets, Op. 23 No. 1 in C Major, R. E.09
1. I. Allegro moderato 00:06:01
2. II. Minuetto 00:02:52
Flute Quartets, Op. 23 No. 2 in D Major, R. E.06
3. I. Andante poco adagio 00:03:09
4. II. Rondo. Allegretto 00:03:57
Flute Quartets, Op. 23 No. 3 in E Minor, R. E.10
5. I. Allegro spirituoso 00:06:46
6. II. Minuetto 00:02:10
Flute Quartets, Op. 23 No. 4 in G Major, R. E.08
7. I. Poco adagio 00:03:06
8. II. Rondo. Allegro moderato 00:06:07
Flute Quartets, Op. 23 No. 5 in G Major, R. E.07
9. I. Andante 00:02:18
10. II. Rondo 00:05:13
Flute Quartets, Op. 23 No. 6 in G Major, R. E.11
11. I. Allegro 00:08:52