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Ragan Whiteside - "Treblemaker" (2017)

Ragan Whiteside - "Treblemaker" (2017)
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Another flute jazz album comes to us this month. Ragan Whiteside from Atlanta, GA, released her fourth album "Treblemaker" on May 2017. Treblemaker is a full length smooth jazz album featuring Ragan takes on the flute, Pretty much similar to her contemporary Althea Rene, Ragan Whiteside brings out a lot of smooth jazz, funk and R&B in the album.

Right from the first song "Corey's Bob" we heard a strong R&B beat wrapped with funky guitar and piano. The flute melody flows smoothly, playing simple passage and then improved it creatively. "Early Arrival" started with legatolized guitar licks, the guitar then accompanied the whole song with excellent rhythm while Ragan having her fun times with featuring saxophonist Kim Waters. "By the Moonlight" sounds slightly Latin feel, the addition of melodic percussion (vibra / marimba?) gives a new dimension to the album. The whole percussion feel comes more strongly in next song "The Sun Came Up". In "Let's Do This", Ragan teamed up with trumpeters Tom Browne to play this cheerful tunes. "I Never Told You" is the only vocal track in the album. "Flute Funk" is another energetic flute exploration that going to pleased any flute lovers. The guest artist is Frank MC Comb, a productive jazz producer and pianist. Thus we arrived in the last three songs of the album. "Love Song" is a romantic flute and saxophone duet, with artist Marion Meadows. "Mystic Vibration" is a return to up tempo R&B beat. Lastly, "See You at the Get Down" is final jamming session with maestro Bob Baldwin and their band. We got to heard the full team of brass "attacking" the flutist. The best tunes in the album indeed.

Treblemaker is full of fantastic smooth jazz grooves. Enjoy the fluidity of flute melody accompanied by excellent jazz musicians. Ragan Whiteside has delivered another breathtaking album to expand her rich discography with "Treblemaker". Grab this one fast.

Ragan Whiteside - "Treblemaker" (2017)

01. Intro
02. Corey's Bop
03. Early Arrival (feat Kim Waters)
04. By the Moonlight
05. The Sun Came Up
06. Let's Do This (feat. Tom Browne)
07. I Never Told You
08. Flute Funk (Feat. Frank MC Comb)
09. Love Song (feat. Marion Meadows)
10. Mystic Vibration
11. See You at the Get Down (feat. Bob Baldwin & the Pr Experience)

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